08 July 2011

June 2011 Mentionables

Greetings from hot and humid South Louisiana! Yes, the summer is definitely here in the bayou state.

And although the heat is unbearable at times, I am and will forever be a summer girl.

Nothing like fresh squeezed lemonade on a sultry summer day...

Or a Louisiana sunset at 9:00pm...

But as much as I enjoy summer, it is flying by so fast! It's already the beginning of July, and that means it's time for me to post my June Monthly Mentionables.

Below are several things I think are worth a mention...

First up, a piece of jewelry I bought on Etsy.

I'm not big on jewelry, actually, but when I do wear it I like it to be simple, understated, and elegant. I thought this beautiful 100% sterling silver piece definitely fit the bill.

For those of you who are not familiar with the legend of the Evil Eye, wearers of the charm are believed to be protected from the evil thoughts and deeds of others.

For those of you who would like to purchase one of these beautiful amulets yourself, check out this Etsy store (which I might add ships super quickly. I was very pleased with the purchasing process and can't recommend them enough).

Next up, tea. I heart tea.

Maybe it's my British ancestry....

A British friend of mine recently introduced me to PG Tips, which, as the box says, is "England's #1 Tea."

It's a black, robust tea that comes in small satchels and tastes divine with a bit of sugar and milk. I found it at my local grocery store. In fact, Wal-Mart may even carry it.

Before moving on to my third June Mentionable, I'd like to preface it with admitting to the fact that I am a candle snob. For years I bought only ubber expensive candles to burn in my house (we're talking $25 a candle).

Then, a friend of mine began selling Scentsy products.......

These burners (which come in a plethora of sizes, colors, and styles) plug into an outlet and use a small incandescent bulb to heat small chunks of scented paraffin wax.

Over 80 different scents (paraffin wax bars) are available. My personal favorites are Sugar Cookie, Amber Road, and Coconut Lemongrass.

The burners are about $20 and the wax bars are about $5, but a single wax bar will last you for months! Much cheaper than the expensive candles I used to buy and had to replace every month. Plus, the Scentsy burners produce no soot and are much safer. Not to mention the fact that they work phenomenally!

One of these babies and a few chunks of wax will fill an entire living room with smell goods.

If you're interested in ordering any Scentsy products, you can check out my friend's website here

And of course I couldn't have a Monthly Mentionables post with out at least one good read. This month I read and thoroughly enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point."

Ever wonder why certain clothing styles seem to catch on like wild fire? Or why crime seems to ebb and flow with little rhyme or reason? Gladwell studies phenomena from the mundane to the truly germane and gives unconventional reasons for why social epidemics happen.

To end with a quote.....

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”
-Bob Marley

I wish you all a restful and rejuvenating summer :)

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