20 July 2011

Initial Wreath

I've seen several of these initial wreaths on various blogs and figured it was about time I tried one myself. (Don't mind the ugly door. I'll be replacing it soon)

I kept it pretty cheap, getting all of the materials at Hobby Lobby. The grapevine wreath was $5, the artificial mums came in a bunch for $6, the initial was about $2, the white tempura paint was $2 for a huge bottle, and the sponge brush I used to paint the initial came in a pack of 6 for about $3.

I used wire cutters to snip off a few of the yellow mums from the bunch and threaded those through the wreath and I hot-glued the initial on. I liked the mums because I figured they could take me all the way through the fall.

I still feel like something is missing though. Maybe a bow? More flowers? What do you think?

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