27 June 2011

Fourth of July Patriotic Star Garland Tutorial

To make this patriotic garland, you'll need the following:

-Paint chips from the local hardware store in red, white, and blue

-Card stock in coordinating color patterns (I used thick scrapbook paper from Micheal's)

- A print out (I used Microsoft Word) of a small star and another star double the size of the small star

- 2 pieces of cardboard (I used the lids of 2 Nutri-Grain boxes)

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun

- Single hole-punch

- Twine or ribbon

First, cut out the large and small stars that were printed from the computer. I suppose you could always buy a stencil but I figured why pay when I can make it for free?

Then, trace your paper stars onto your cardboard and cut them out to make your stencils

Little star....

Big star....

Then, begin tracing your little star onto your paint chips



And blue....

Then, cut out your paint chip stars

Now, it's time to move on to the larger stars. Using your large star stencil, trace and cut out larger stars using the color coordinated card stock

Next, using the hot glue gun, affix the little stars into the center of the larger stars

Then, begin punching 2 holes in opposing sides of each star

Now, figure out what pattern you want to use and line your stars up....

To complete your garland, begin stringing your ribbon through the back side of each star

Now, simply hang on your mantel, across an entrance way, across the front of a buffet table at your Fourth of July festivities...where ever you can enjoy it.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled, and celebratory Fourth of July :)

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