05 December 2012

Wine Cork Board

I think I've said this before but I have an overabundance of wine bottles and wine corks at my house.

You may remember my Wine Bottle Upcycle.

Well, in addition to wine bottles and wine corks, I also have a lot of pictures of family and friends that I like to have on display. It just makes me happy :)

So...why not use those wine corks to make a tack board on which to display pictures?

Here's what you'll need:

1. Lots of wine corks
2. A ruler
3. Hot glue gun
4. An old board or something else to affix the wine cork covered ruler to

The process is really easy so I didn't take many pictures.

Simply hot glue the corks to the ruler like so....

Then affix the ruler to some other large board. I used a 2X4 I had laying around my house. I decided to paint the 2x4 but you could stain it or whatever your heart's desire.

Then hang using whatever hanging method you deem appropriate :)

I'm loving this fun and funky way to showcase all of the pictures of friends and family that bring me so much joy.

The Shabby Nest

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