30 June 2012

Wine Bottle Upcycle

Ok, so I have a lot of empty wine bottles sitting around my house.

Hey, a girl's gotta take the edge off the day every once in a while!

Whilst browsing Pinterest one day (as I am known to do for hours on end), I found a tutorial for cutting wine bottles with a string. You can see the original tutorial here.

I called my always-ready-to-craft-friend, Beth, and we set to work upcycling my wine bottle collection.

Here's what you'll need:

1) Empty and well-cleaned wine bottles
2) Twine
3) Acetone
4) A lighter
5) Bucket of water
6) Sand paper

First, tie the twine around the neck of the bottle, just below where you want the cut to be

Then, remove the twine from the bottle and soak it in acetone.

Next, put the acetone-soaked twine back on the bottle. Be sure to use a paper-towel to wipe away any acetone that may have run down the side of the bottle. Then (and here's the semi-scary part) light that puppy on fire!

Let it burn about 3-5 minutes, slowly turning the bottle to be sure the fire goes all the way around...

And just before the fire goes out, dunk the bottle into the bucket of water

You should hear a small "pop" when the wine bottle top separates from the bottom. Once you hear this, remove the bottle from the water

The next step is to buff the edges with some sandpaper and use the bottle for some creative purpose. I chose to make mine into a potted plant holder

I'm also thinking that instead of using them to hold plants, they would also be really nice with votive candles placed in them.


  1. Hi, Emily! I'm your newest follower and your LA neighbor in Shreveport!! Geaux Tigers!!! I found you through the REDOUX link up. I love your wine bottle upcycle. I see that project in my future very soon. :)

    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for following my blog! And yes, GEAUX TIGERS! Let me know how the wine bottle upcycle goes for you. I've been really pleased with how mine turned out. Although, I have to admit, I was a little scared of the fire aspect at first. But it really wasn't hard at all.