03 March 2012

Incorporating Simple Luxuries Into Your Life

Luxury- n. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.

I personally do not live luxuriously in the sense that I do not live an expensive or extravagant life.
My home is a modest 1600 square foot garden home, my car is a 10 year old Honda Civic and my clothes are almost always bought off of clearance racks.

I do, however, find great pleasure and comfort in a few inessential "luxuries" in my life.
These things are not expensive (in fact, some of them are even free!).

I'm sharing my six simple luxuries with you today in hopes that they will inspire you to add a little luxury to your life :)

The first simple luxury is absolutely free.

A made bed, while a little work in the morning, evokes a sense of luxury upon your return at night. Think about how comforting it is when you stay in a hotel and come home after a long day of sight-seeing to a well made bed. You can have that same sense of luxury at home with just a few minutes of work in the morning.

The second simple luxury is drinking tea from fine china.

You know that china you got for your wedding but barely ever use? Yeah, that stuff! Break it out and pour yourself a spot of tea. You'll feel down right fancy and I even think it makes the tea taste better.

And while you're sipping your tea, make yourself a cheese and fruit plate.

I love doing this. I pick up a wheel of Brie from the store, bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes, drizzle some honey over it, and place it on a plate with some fruit and crackers. The sweet and salty combination of the honey and fruit combined with the crackers and Brie is divine.

The fourth simple luxury can also be free.

If you have a flower bed, take advantage of what nature has to offer and bring some buds inside to enjoy. If not, pick up a small bouquet of wild flowers at your local grocer for $5-$10. Place the buds in a pretty vase and I promise they'll make any room cheerier.

The fifth simple luxury is all about glamor

And nothing says glamor like a rich red lipstick. Slap some on the next time you're heading out for an instant pick-me-up. Heck, I even like to wear it around the house from time to time!

And the last simple luxury can be enjoyed just before slipping into your nicely made bed at night.

Just before tucking in for the night, I love to spritz my sheets with some lavender-scented linen spray. The scent is oh so relaxing.

What kind of simple luxuries do you try to incorporate into your life?


  1. Hey Emily,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet another local blogger.
    I think you are my long lost little sister! I love all those same things. My hubby laughs because he drinks his coffee out of a mug, while I drink mine out of a blue & white china tea cup. I was so glad to see the Brie and honey. I have never made any, but this weekend I am hosting a girls weekend and that will be a great welcoming with a glass of wine.
    So excited to meet you and look forward to your future post,

  2. Very cute ideas :) I especially the love fruit one. That does make me feel very fancy too.

    1. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by and following :)