20 September 2011

Things to Do in Baton Rouge: Red Stick Farmer's Market

On any given Saturday morning in downtown Baton Rouge one can peruse and purchase an assortment of locally grown fresh, organic produce.

The Red Stick (red stick is Baton Rouge in French for those of you who aren't from around these parts) Farmers Market is a growing tradition in Baton Rouge and has become one of my favorite Saturday morning pastimes.

I especially like the honey at the Bocage Bee & Honey Company. It goes perfectly in my tea or on a thick slice of buttered bread....

The beautiful colors of the fresh produce on display is always a feast for the eyes.. I love the culinary creativity that comes with buying fresh, in-season produce.

The herb-infused breads are also one of my favorites....

Check out The Red Stick Farmer's Market website for hours and a list of vendors.

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