22 August 2011

LSU Themed Book Page Wreath

To celebrate the beginning of a new academic year, I made a book wreath to adorn my office door.

This was so simple to make. To make one of your own, you'll need the following:

1) A piece of cardboard. I used the back of a frozen pizza box.
2) A book you don't mind destroying. I used an old law school book
(figured I'd eventually find a use for it!)
3) Something cone-shaped. I used a Styrofoam cone found at Hobby Lobby.
4) A hot glue gun
5) Round coffee filters (not pictured above)
6) A picture for the center of your wreath (not pictured above)

To get started....

Tear a bunch of pages out of your book. I found it easier to first remove the front and back covers and loosen up the spine.

Next, begin making cones out of the pages. I used the cone shaped Styrofoam to be sure all of the cones were about the same size. Hot glue each cone together.

Continue making cones....

Lots and lots of cones..............

Then, get something big and round and use it to trace a large circle on your cardboard. I used my dog's water bowl.

Cut out the circle and then being hot glue-ing the cones to your cardboard circle.

Work all the way around and then do a second layer
(and maybe a third, depending upon how big of a circle you are using as your base).

And last (and sorry I didn't take pictures of these steps but I'm sure you can imagine),
hot glue 1 or 2 round coffee filters in the center. Then on top of the coffee filters, hot glue your picture. I chose a vintage picture of Mike the Tiger, LSU's fearless mascot.


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