28 October 2013

August and September 2013 Mentionables

My how the last two months have flown by!
 My apologies for falling behind on my blogging.
 I'm here today with a double edition of Monthly Mentionables!
 Below are a few items I think are worth a mention;
 some things I really enjoyed during the months of August and September;
 some things you might want to check out as well.
First up, a really great read
In "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" author Susan Cain takes issue with our culture, where everything seems to be geared towards extroverts. She argues that introverts have unique gifts and she profiles several introverts who have changed society. This book was a powerful read for me. I'm an introvert and it really helped me understand myself better as it explored introversion through psychological research old and new and even brain chemistry.

And speaking of introverts that changed the world....  
 I don't know how I made it to my 30th year without seeing this movie.  I recently added it to my Netflix queue and got it in the mail. What an inspiring, beautifully put together film!

Next, Yelp

Yelp is an online review site which allows you to post and search for ratings and reviews of restaurants, stores, and any other kind of service in any geographic location in the world. I use it when I am traveling to find places to eat and shop and I return the favor by posting my own reviews of places. Feel free to follow me: here
I also made a big purchase in September

 The Nikon D5100.
Yep, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a big girl camera. I've really been enjoying learning all of its nifty features and attempting to take more blog worthy photos. Hopefully I'll feel confident enough to share some of them with you soon!

I also took another plunge in September and chopped my hair off.
I had been pinning photos of long bob haircuts on Pinterest for several months

 And I finally worked up the courage

 (Excuse the poor quality iPhone picture)

And last, a new foundation

 I had been looking for a compact foundation and decided to give Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Compact Makeup a try. The coverage is buildable, the makeup itself feels lightweight, and I love that it has an SPF of 55 (the highest I could find among all of the drugstore brands).

So that rounds out my double edition of Monthly Mentionables!
October has almost come and gone and fall is certainly upon us.
And with that, I leave you with a quote....

 (via Etsy)