24 February 2013

Thirty Things I've Learned

I turned 30 on February 9th. In addition to my thirty acts of kindness (which I am still working on), a great celebration (which I'll be posting about soon) and a trip to Ireland (which I will also be posting about soon), I'd like to share with you thirty things I have learned during my thirty years on this planet. These are in no particular order of importance; some are funny, some are meaningful and some are mundane. I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

1. Making the bed will instantly make any room feel cleaner.

2. Do things as soon as you think of them- you will likely not remember to do them later.

3. Money cannot buy happiness but it does buy options and options are great things to have in life.

4. Everything in moderation. Strive for balance.

5. Always spend less than you make. Personal finance is really that simple.

6. Learn to see opportunity in everything.

7. Enjoy each phase of life to the fullest.

8. ANYTHING can be spray painted.

9. It's okay to tell people no.

10. There is money to be made at anything as long as you are the best at what you do.

11. Keep calm and carry on, and amen to that!

12. When it comes to love and second chances, never say never.

13. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to take a nap when I was a kid.

14. No matter how unfortunate the consequences, bad decisions do make great stories.

15. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

16. Learn to enjoy simple pleasures and you'll never feel deprived.

17. Never ever stop learning.

18. A big part of success is simply showing up.

19. Actively seek inspiration.

20. Live a life of purpose.

21. Always have a plan B.

22. Cars are depreciating assets, never treat them as anything but.

23. Invest in your health. It will pay excellent dividends in the long term.

24. Whether it's through organized religion or simply seeing the divine in everyday life, learn to believe in something bigger than yourself.

25. An education is what you make of it.

26. Be the heroine, not the victim.

27. 9 out of 10 times the generic is just as good as the brand name. Buy the generic.

28. The place you live is of little importance as long as you have something meaningful to do and people you love.

29. Most people will let you down. Learn to rely upon yourself.

30. Love, affection and attention should be given freely. If they are not, they are not worth having.

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