04 August 2012

July 2012 Mentionables

July, like the rest of summer, has been passing by at break neck speed.

I hope you enjoyed a fun and festive Fourth of July!

And I hope you've been indulging in everything the lazy summer days have to offer.

This July I found two new products that have become staples in my life and rediscovered one product out of necessity (and I'm so glad I did!).

Like all of us, I want to stay in shape, feel good and oh yeah, look good too! A friend of mine told me she had started using the MyFitnessPal app and that it had helped her get a handle on how many calories she was actually consuming each day, keep track of her weight and a record of her calories burned through exercise. And since it's free, I was all about it!

I can't say I've been 100% faithful about keying in everything I shove in my mouth or every mile I run but overall, I think I've been fairly consistent. If anything, it has at least enlightened me about how many calories are really in the things I eat (and let me tell you, some of it ain't pretty).

And speaking of something that ain't pretty....

That's a HUGE (well, it was huge in my head) fever blister on my lower lip. My fever blister and I attended my cousin's engagement party. He was not a fun date, to say the least. But because of him I did get reacquainted with my dear old friend Campho-Phenique.

If you're prone to fever blisters/cold sores like I am you need this stuff in your medicine cabinet! It works and costs less than other products like Abreeva.

And the last product to make the July mentionables cut...

Milani's Coralina Baked Blush. Cause who doesn't love a coral blush in the summer!?

It's now August and when you live in south Louisiana that means hurricane season. Tropical Storm Ernesto is chillin' in the Caribbean as I type and is predicted to be in the Gulf of Mexico by Monday. And with that I leave you with a quote..

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray." - Lord Byron

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